Sunday, 20 March 2011

Are Locavores that bad?

I’ve been reading over some of the suggested questions for us to consider for this project, I may not write about all of them (unless I can do it before the deadline!), but there are some questions that may start a discussion or generate feedback, I will start with those first.

A friend just shared a link to Toronto Life’s website which often has articles and other things the Magazine doesn’t feature… the link brought me to a page called the dish and titled “Locavore, shmocavore—a roundup of the new foodie backlash”

An article basically calling out foodies for preaching the local way but not having sustainable eating habits, which is the whole point behind the movement right?
It also mentions an article in The Atlantic, in which the author takes shots at food writers such as Michael Pollan… It should prove to be an interesting read.

Locavore, shmocavore- a roundup of the new foodie backlash

Thanks Suzi for the link!

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