Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Book

The Omnivore's Dilemma 
By Michael Pollan

Here is the assigned book.

There are also some Children's and Youth editions if you want to share with your family.

The book brings attention to the common household question  "What should we have for dinner"? Michael Pollan uses this question to reflect on how our society is  almost schizophrenic with their answer. Eating take-out one night, organic the next, eating an all vegan diet, or all protein, even perhaps hunting and growing our own food. Our society basis its diet for the most part on what’s trendy.

The omnivores dilemma touches on all of these trends but its main focus is not what to eat for dinner but how your dinner got to your table. To find out Michael Pollan examines each one of the food chains that sustain us, these chains include industrial, organic, and food we hunt or grow ourselves. He follows the source right to our table.

This book takes a deep look into the American way of eating and how we need, no HAVE to be aware of the impact we have or can make by being aware of our food and where it comes from.

Michael Pollan breaks this book into three sections or parts, the first being corn, the second Grass, and the third is the Forrest.

My projects section is the Forrest in which he talks a lot about the process of hunting, gathering, and growing his own food.

As I've mentioned the local food movement is getting more and more popular in Toronto, thankfully books like this are helping in this popularity. I would like to look more into this movement, and others like the 100-mile diet, and L.E.A.F certification.

If you haven't read this book already I strongly suggest it. It is more academically written and sometimes can get a little dry but what you can learn completely makes it worthwhile. 


If you're not a reader there are many documentaries, lectures, and interviews that Michael Pollan does available.

I will post some links and videos for your viewing pleasure.

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