Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Purpose of this blog

Hi All,

The reason for creating this blog is to discuss the last section (The Forest) of Michael Pollen’s book "The Omnivore's Dilemma"...

This is first off an assigned project, and its purpose is to assist our group in contributing to discussions/questions/or opinions about the book... but who knows where this project or this blog may take us.

The third part of this book talks a lot about Michael Pollan's experience of hunting and gathering the food for his own table. This got me to thinking about how the local food movement is becoming more and more prominent in Toronto.

I think I've found my topic!

Oh and no longer does this blog belong to a group, it is now my own.

I encourage any readers I may acquire to start discussions, as questions and partake in this topic as much as they want.

I'm much more excited to be doing this project on my own, I have much more flexibility in what to share and discuss, and way less trouble trying to get group members to post here.


I will start with a introduction of myself...


I'm Katie; I am a 23-year-old second semester chef training student at George Brown College.

This blog is the product of an assignment for my Food Theory Class; hopefully this will keep going after the project is complete.

Chef Training is the second program I've attended at George Brown, the first being Food and Beverage Management. I actually purchased this book while in my first program and had read half of it... Now I have an excuse to finish it.

I am in school part time, and spend the rest of my time managing a restaurant on Queen West.

I am a lover of food, wine, and coffee.

I try hard to eat local and organic (alas being a student makes that a little hard).

I am a tough critic, and hard to please.

I make a fairly good effort to try as many restaurants in the city, if not my own neighborhood.

I hope that I can incorporate these qualities/values/stories into this project. Scratch that I plan to.

As a first time blogger, I hope you enjoy your read, and feel free to give me any feed back on where I can improve.



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