Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Question 1: How has Michael Pollan changed the way I think about food?

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Sorry for the the lack of posts... other school assignments and work took priority last week.
I've decided to look into some of the assigned questions for the next few blogs, I think they will bring up some good points and possibly aid in how to be a conscious eater in Toronto.

The first question from the list is:
How has Michael Pollan changed the way I think about food?

Well I think that Michael Pollan’s book is a really great excuse to get us to start thinking about the food that we eat. 
I feel as though I was pretty aware of how food gets to my table, but I was also aware of that fact that like many, I choose to ignore certain aspects of how our food is produced. Michael Pollan’s book forced me to stop being ignorant to those aspects about the food industry and to become better educated on the food that I make for myself, and my loved ones.

Before reading the book I had wanted to start eating more organic products, mainly meats. But reading the Omnivores Dilemma has really made me seek out those organic products, and grocery stores.
In a city like Toronto we have such a wide array of stores and markets that carry organic products, right now I think that the price tag is the only thing that holds consumers back.

I can happily say that I have several organic products at home and did not have to go out of my way, or break my bank to do so.

I have organic soy milk, spinach, apples, celery, beer, crackers, pasta, rice, tea, quinoa, peanut butter, coffee, bread, oats, and meat.

I was able to obtain these products from stores and markets in my neighbourhood.

I will even break down where I was able to find these products:

  • Apples (PC brand), Spinach, Celery, Rice Crackers and oats (also PC) from No Frills at Lansdowne and Dundas 
  • Soy Milk (Silk brand), Bread (Dimpflmeier brand) from Price Chopper at Queen and Gladstone
  • Mill St. Organic Beer- From LCBO
  • Rice, Pasta, Quinoa, Peanut Butter, Tea (Numi brand), Coffee (Kicking Horse brand)- All from Strickly Bulk at Bloor and Ossington
  • Meat- From Rowe farms in Roncesvalles  
On this list there are only two specialty stores, if you keep an eye out organic products are becoming more and more prominent in Grocery Stores especially ones like No Frills that carry more alternative products.

If a student like myself can do it so can you... right!?

I will link you to some of the stores I mentioned in this blog.

Rowe Farms

Strictly Bulk

No Frills @ Lansdowne

Price Chopper

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