Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 2: Will you make changes in your eating habbits?

I wouldn't say that I've now become one of those preachy eaters... I don't assume that because I'm aware of GMO's and because I want to eat more organic products that my close friends or relatives should follow suit. Unlike some radical eaters out there!

As I mentioned previously this book has definitely made me want to eat more organically, epically meat, dairy, eggs, and some fruits and vegetables.
However  it has made me question whether my household can make much of a difference or if organic is really better, specifically for the animals involved. I’m positive that my fruit and vegetables are much better. They look better, are more appropriately sized and taste better..this comes at a hefty 3.99 per bag of apples...

Although Micheal Pollan suggests that hunting and gathering his own ingredients is not anymore practical than eating fast-food, I would and have been wanting to start my own gardens, and have been very interested in hunting for the sake of food not sport.

Living in an urban area can make both the gardening and hunting thing a little difficult. But eating organically is quite easy, I often go to the many farmers markets in my neighbourhood and buy fresh and local produce there, and I try to go to local butchers like Rowe Farms that offer organic, free-range meat and dairy. The organic thing may be easy but as a student much of my income can be swallowed by purchasing these organic and local items.

I want to make these changes in my eating habits, and I have taken the hit in my bank account to do so but what is someone who can’t afford it to do? Eat the processed and mass produced foods that are priced low and Michael Pollan swears against. 

So that begs the question, is my organic household really making that much of a difference? And how can much of a difference be made if not everyone can afford to do so? 

Here are some links on how you can enjoy some organic produce!

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