Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Question 7: What concerns you about the way you eat or the way your food is produced?

To be honest, not a whole lot.
I think I've reached this zen like state about it. Its all very calming to me.

I know that my partner and I eat pretty healthy, and we are completely aware when we do not. Our bodies are pretty on top of letting us know, we both take health pretty seriously and will detox if we feel that we've been consuming too many toxins or gmo's!

We try to eat as much organics as possible but when we can't we don't its that simple.
We both love food, but we love good and wholesome food. If it came down to paying our Internet bill or buying our months worth of organic and healthy groceries - the groceries would win.

We both really like Stumbleupon.com sooo that's saying a lot!

When it comes to how our food is produced... well its upsetting that companies like Monsanto exist and control our food, this is just more motive to go organic and local in my mind.

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